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The Psychedelic, Mortal-Life-Review Revue

After a year of silence, Andrew J. Wilson brings his brand-new, coldly tipped, eagerly unanticipated concept show to the stage in Stoke Newington. Expect stand-up, expect music, expect crying. 

If you enjoy a surrealist, melancholy, sex-fuelled lifestyle, this may or may not be the show for you. If you are partial to a cold glass of prosecco and a chat about current affairs, you may or may not enjoy this. If you've ever pondered for so long you forgot you the subject of said pondering, you could potentially love or hate this. Its something for everyone and something for no-one.

There will be no support (in all senses of the word)

It will cost a small amount of money to enter and you will be able to pre-order tickets in the link that will eventually be below.

This is likely to be a busy event. 

Peace and Love